It's easy to build Unreal Engine projects with numerous people in the same environment, live and in real time, whether you're creating a virtual set or designing a new product. In this presentation, Senior Technical Marketing Manager Daryl Obert and Technical Artist Matthew Doyle will show you step by step how to use two industry-leading collaborative workflows.   

The first focuses on the Multi-User Editor—a powerful tool that enables multiple artists to make changes simultaneously to the same Unreal Engine project safely and reliably. Updates happen on the fly for everyone in the group, with no wait.  

The second explores how to use the Collab Viewer Template to create a runtime experience of design data to conduct collaborative design review sessions. The template has a variety of navigation modes as well as VR support. Additionally, it provides tools that are easy to set up and use for moving objects, animating exploded views, X-Raying geometry, and setting bookmarks.

Set up the Multi-User Editor and work with it

Work with the Virtual Scouting tools to make better creative decisions

Add the Collab Viewer Template to a project

> Work with the Collab Viewer Template’s pre-built Blueprints

> Add a custom menu to the Collab Viewer Template’s UI

Daryl Obert
Senior Technical Marketing Manger

Daryl Obert is a CG veteran with over 25 years' experience, starting his career as an application engineer. Currently, Daryl works for Epic Games in a technical marketing capacity and evangelizes Unreal Engine in non-games markets. He is an expert in VR/AR, visualization, animation, rendering, VFX, modeling, motion capture, compositing, and game engines.

Teddy Bergsman

Director - Quixel at Epic Games

Teddy Bergsman is Director of Quixel at Epic Games and responsible for the vision, goals, and scanning projects for Megascans. Prior to founding Quixel in 2011 to help innovate tools and content for fellow artists, Teddy worked in the AAA games industry developing 3D scanning technologies.

Galen Davis

Evangelist/Producer – Quixel at Epic Games

Galen Davis has worked as an environment artist and art lead in the games industry for 10 years, contributing to franchises like BioShock, Borderlands, Evolve, Star Wars, and the most recent God of War title. He now works as an evangelist and producer for Quixel at Epic Games, engaging with AAA teams, enterprise, and education partners.

Matt Doyle

Technical Artist

Matthew has worked in real-time 3D for nearly two decades, including in game development and architectural visualization. His specialties include look development—working with materials, lighting, and post process effects—as well as modeling, rendering, VR, animation, and almost every aspect of a modern game development pipeline.