The recent release of Twinmotion 2020.1 raises the bar for fast, easy real-time architectural visualization, providing a greater sense of presence and realism. In this webinar, Martin Krasemann, Twinmotion Technical Marketing Specialist at Epic Games will present a deep dive into some of the new Twinmotion 2020.1 features.

You’ll learn about:

> Improved visual fidelity and higher-quality lighting

> More realistic trees, plants, and people

> Faster and easier ways to add vegetation

> New features to review and present projects

Don’t forget to stick around for the Q&A, where Martin will be joined by Senior Technical Marketing Manager Daryl Obert to answer your questions about Twinmotion 2020.1!

Daryl Obert
Design Specialist, Epic Games

Daryl is a 25+ year veteran in the field of computer graphics and a subject matter expert in VR/AR, ray tracing, visualization, animation, rendering, VFX, modeling, motion capture, and compositing.

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Martin Krasemann

Technical Marketing Specialist

Martin Krasemann joined the Twinmotion team in 2013. Specializing in real-time technology and rendering, Martin started as a technical artist working on the Twinmotion library. Now he is a Twinmotion product marketing specialist, creating a bridge between clients and the development team through webinars and live presentations.

Daryl Obert

Senior Technical Marketing Manager

Daryl Obert is a CG veteran with over 25 years' experience, starting his career at Alias in 1995 as an application engineer. Currently, Daryl works for Epic Games in a technical marketing capacity and evangelizes Unreal Engine in non-games markets. He is an expert in VR/AR, visualization, animation, rendering, VFX, modeling, motion capture, compositing, and game engines.