Traveling the planet with a mission to build the world’s largest library of scans, Quixel has sought to vastly simplify production of all digital experiences. Now, since joining forces with Epic Games, this mission is accelerating.

In this webinar, Teddy Bergsman and Galen Davis will join Daryl Obert to demonstrate how Quixel Megascans, Bridge, and Mixer 2020—along with the power of Unreal Engine—are pushing the boundaries of what’s now possible with 3D. You’ll learn about:

> The different industries using the Megascans ecosystem to create powerful visual experiences

> How Quixel Megascans, Bridge, and Mixer work together with Unreal Engine to unlock your creativity

> What’s to come for Unreal Engine and Quixel later in 2020

Daryl Obert
Design Specialist, Epic Games

Daryl is a 25+ year veteran in the field of computer graphics and a subject matter expert in VR/AR, ray tracing, visualization, animation, rendering, VFX, modeling, motion capture, and compositing.

Teddy Bergsman

Director - Quixel at Epic Games

Teddy Bergsman is Director of Quixel at Epic Games and responsible for the vision, goals, and scanning projects for Megascans. Prior to founding Quixel in 2011 to help innovate tools and content for fellow artists, Teddy worked in the AAA games industry developing 3D scanning technologies.

Galen Davis

Evangelist/Producer – Quixel at Epic Games

Galen Davis has worked as an environment artist and art lead in the games industry for 10 years, contributing to franchises like BioShock, Borderlands, Evolve, Star Wars, and the most recent God of War title. He now works as an evangelist and producer for Quixel at Epic Games, engaging with AAA teams, enterprise, and education partners.

Daryl Obert

Senior Technical Marketing Manager

Daryl Obert is a CG veteran with over 25 years' experience, starting his career at Alias in 1995 as an application engineer. Currently, Daryl works for Epic Games in a technical marketing capacity and evangelizes Unreal Engine in non-games markets. He is an expert in VR/AR, visualization, animation, rendering, VFX, modeling, motion capture, compositing, and game engines.