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Virtual Production Summit

From indie filmmakers to major broadcast stations and even event organizers, everyone can now leverage virtual production to seamlessly create immersive, interactive environments—even imaginary ones—within the confines of a stage. But what opportunities does this present for Southeast Asia? 

The exciting news is that local studios across Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia are already leveraging the powers of virtual production, via Unreal Engine, to create next-gen productions across live events, exhibitions, and audio-visual installations.  

With that, we’re thrilled to invite you to Epic Games’ inaugural virtual production webinar to uncover the possibilities for interactive storytelling and virtual production in Southeast Asia. Held in partnership with Disguise, a platform for creatives and technologists to imagine, create, and deliver spectacular visual experiences, the webinar will showcase live cast sessions with studios across ASEAN who are leveraging Unreal Engine to drive cutting-edge innovation across their areas of expertise. 

Expect livecast mixed-reality demonstrations from leading studios AUX Media Group in Singapore, 3Particle and Disguise in Malaysia, and V2 Indonesia, as they discuss what’s next for regional content creation. 


  • Keynote address by Epic Games and Disguise
  • Live telecast from V2 [Indonesia]
  • Recording from 3Particle [Malaysia]
  • Live telecast from AUX Media [Singapore]
  • Live panel discussion with all studios 



Date: 19 May 2022, Thursday   

Time: 4.00pm – 5.30pm SGT



Dean Reinhard

Dean Reinhard is an evangelist and technical account manager for Epic Games in Southeast Asia and leads the company’s growth in non-game markets such as AEM (Architecture, Engineering, Manufacturing) and M&E (Media & Entertainment). Epic Games is a leading interactive entertainment company and developer of the Unreal Engine, the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D tool.

As a technologist, engineer, and developer for over 10 years, Dean is passionate about helping everyone—business leaders, product designers, entertainers, newscasters, or architects—hone their creativity through cutting-edge technology. He has helped to generate a range of different projects for clients while winning multiple awards across VR/AR and physical prototyping in the process. In his current role at Epic Games, Dean will be driving the use of Unreal Engine, especially in non-games sectors, helping companies elevate and disrupt the way creative teams work. He is also a serial entrepreneur, having founded MeshMinds—a company at the intersection of art and technology—and Elevate Tech, which specializes in predictive maintenance. Prior to this, he has also held strategic leadership roles at Iris Worldwide and Leo Burnett, among others

Rudi Hidayat

Rudi Hidayat an entrepreneur and the the CEO and co-Founder of V2 Indonesia. He has had a colorful career journey, having founded Egogo Hub Indonesia, while also owning several F&B franchises such as Anomali Coffee, Chachago Bubble Tea, Magal, and Fogo.

During his career, he has received several awards including the Marketing Award - Creative Marketing from Marketing Magazine in 2014 and the Luxury Leaders award from Forbes Indonesia in 2019.

Carl Loo

Carl Loo is the owner and founder of XR Stage Malaysia by 3Particle. Eager and ambitious to learn new skills and have new experiences, Carl embarked on a journey as a 3D artist for the live events industry and interactive development (with a focus on AR projects). He then slowly developed a passion for events and broadcast production, aiming to provide the best immersive experiences for the region.

In 2013, he founded 3Particle to provide a strong supporting arm to many agencies for automotive and corporate organizations in Malaysia. Throughout the years, he had delivered more than 100 successful projects. Then, when the live events and broadcast industry was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, he then founded xR Stage Malaysia to introduce XR technology and virtual production with LED volumes for the first time in Malaysia, working closely with Disguise and Unreal Engine.

Choong Chyi Kei (CK)

CK is the owner and founder of Aux Media Group, and has been in the events industry for over 20 years. He serves clients over a wide variety of campaigns and festivals across industries.

With the launch of Aux Immersive Studios, the company is now the leading XR studio in Singapore to hold virtual productions of all scales, or hybrid events that combine both physical and virtual. For clients and their audiences, this means the best of both worlds.

Through extended reality (XR) technology, companies can now elevate the level of delivery for their content and engage their audience in ways that have not previously been possible. This is a key focus of Aux Media Group and with their 20-years of experience, CK and his team are translating that experience into virtual production and beyond. #ReimagineStoryTelling


Nicholas Chan

With over a decade of experience in the broadcast media industry, Nicholas Chan, the Technical Sales Manager for Southeast Asia at Disguise, has worked with customers ranging from start-ups to regional broadcasters across this region. He is passionate in contributing towards a positive change to the media industry and has extensive experience in virtual production. He is currently managing SEA from Kuala Lumpur, and has previously worked in Jakarta, Manila, and Bangkok.

Epic Games has a minority stake in Disguise, which is the platform for creatives and technologists to imagine, create and deliver spectacular visual experiences. Combining leading experience production software with powerful media server hardware and native Unreal Engine, Disguise empowers brands, artists, production houses and our partners to tell stories that inspire their audiences.

In Malaysia, Disguise xR (Extended reality) has already been used to blend virtual and physical worlds together using Augmented reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) in live production environments to create fully immersive experiences, for example, during RTM’s Malaysia National Day show.


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