The recent release of Twinmotion 2020 brings a new Direct Link with Rhino, enabling you to synchronize your Rhino data into Twinmotion with a single click. 

In this webinar, Scott Davidson of McNeel and Associates shows how to prepare your model in Rhino and get it ready for Twinmotion. Next, Martin Krasemann, Twinmotion Product Specialist at Epic Games, demonstrates how to import the Rhino scene file into Twinmotion, converting native materials into Twinmotion PBR materials while retaining the scene hierarchy. Martin enriches the scene with paths, vegetation, vehicles, and characters, taking it all the way to the final rendering.

What you’ll learn:

> Tips on keeping your Rhino workflow efficient when prepping your file

> How to use the new Rhino Direct Link for a faster and easier way to work with Rhino data in Twinmotion

> How to use the Twinmotion feature set to breathe life into your project

Martin Krasemann
Technical Marketing Specialist

Martin Krasemann joined the Twinmotion team in 2013. Specializing in real-time technology and rendering, Martin started as a technical artist working on the Twinmotion library. Now he focuses on technical marketing for Twinmotion, creating a bridge between clients and the development team through webinars and live presentations.

Speaker Name
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Craig Barr

Technical Evangelist

Craig brings over 20 years’ experience in 3D animation, VFX, software production, and content creation.  A technical evangelist and educator, he’s authored content for various print and online media for the VFX, games, and visualization industries.

Scott Davidson
Business Development, Robert McNeel and Associates

Scott Davidson has been working at McNeel for 27 years. He has a background in architecture and has been involved in the development of Rhino and Grasshopper from the beginning. Scott has worked closely with the many different Rhino development partners to create the rich plugin ecosystem that currently exists around Rhino.