Unreal Engine comes with a big box of tricks and effects to enhance animation. Using the engine’s core tools like Blueprint and Niagara, you can tweak the behavior of people, animals, vehicles, and environmental objects to bring some of life’s unpredictability to your scenes.

In this webinar, Matthew Doyle, Technical Artist at Epic Games, will dive into how to use animation tools in Unreal Engine to tell a story and add life to your projects. He’ll be joined by Daniele Federico, CEO and Co-Founder of Toolchefs.com, who will demonstrate how to use the Atoms Crowd framework to populate city streets with animated crowds that wander around, stop, and avoid each other in a random, realistic way.  

You’ll learn about:

> Adding animation effects to doors, vehicles, and materials

> Populating a city using a standalone crowd framework designed to handle large amounts of animation data

> Using dynamics and physics to create different effects

Daniele Federico
CEO and Co-Founder, Toolchefs.com

Daniele has worked in the VFX industry for over 10 years, specializing in animation and pipeline development. He has credits on films including Gravity; The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Happy Feet 2; and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Craig Barr

Technical Evangelist

Craig brings over 20 years’ experience in 3D animation, VFX, software production, and content creation.  A technical evangelist and educator, he’s authored content for various print and online media for the VFX, games, and visualization industries.

Matt Doyle
Technical Artist, Epic Games

Matthew has worked in real-time 3D for nearly two decades, including in game development and architectural visualization. His specialties include look development—working with materials, lighting, and post process effects—as well as modeling, rendering, VR, animation, and almost every aspect of a modern game development pipeline.