Creating real-time archviz is now even easier with Twinmotion 2020.2! This latest update includes a raft of new tools and smart assets.

In this session, Martin Krasemann, Twinmotion Technical Marketing Specialist at Epic Games will walk you through some of the new Twinmotion 2020.2 features.

He'll explore:

> How to use the new Phasing tool in Twinmotion 2020.2

> The new construction vehicles and doors systems in the release

> Tips on keeping your ARCHICAD file preparation workflow efficient

> Tips on using the new Animator objects

Daryl Obert
Design Specialist, Epic Games

Daryl is a 25+ year veteran in the field of computer graphics and a subject matter expert in VR/AR, ray tracing, visualization, animation, rendering, VFX, modeling, motion capture, and compositing.

Matt Doyle

Technical Artist

Matthew has worked in real-time 3D for nearly two decades, including in game development and architectural visualization. His specialties include look development—working with materials, lighting, and post process effects—as well as modeling, rendering, VR, animation, and almost every aspect of a modern game development pipeline.

Galen Davis

Evangelist/Producer – Quixel at Epic Games

Galen Davis has worked as an environment artist and art lead in the games industry for 10 years, contributing to franchises like BioShock, Borderlands, Evolve, Star Wars, and the most recent God of War title. He now works as an evangelist and producer for Quixel at Epic Games, engaging with AAA teams, enterprise, and education partners.

Martin Krassemann

Technical Marketing Specialist

Martin Krasemann joined the Twinmotion team in 2013. Specializing in real-time technology and rendering, Martin started as a technical artist working on the Twinmotion library. Now he is a Twinmotion product marketing specialist, creating a bridge between clients and the development team through webinars and live presentations.