The Unreal Engine Academic Partner program is an association of post-secondary education institutions that are committed to teaching Unreal Engine 4 to ambitious students ready to dive into real-time rendering.

This program also acts as a tool for students to find schools that teach Unreal Engine 4. Our verification process follows the requirements listed below.


What are the benefits of becoming an Unreal Engine Academic Partner?

The main benefit of becoming an Unreal Engine Academic Partner is the ability for the institution to promote themselves as an Unreal Engine 4 school An Unreal Engine Academic Partner is then listed on our website and becomes a resource for students looking to find a school where they can learn Unreal Engine. The Academic Partner may use the Unreal Engine logo in promoting their courses.

What are the requirements for becoming an Unreal Engine Academic Partner?

1.The applicant must be an official post-secondary school of higher education, including colleges, polytechnics, and universities offering accredited academic degrees. At this time, professional training centers are not eligible.

2. The institution must have been teaching Unreal Engine for more than six months. We are only seeking institutions with well-established UE4 curricula.

3. The school has an instructor allocated to teaching Unreal Engine.

4. The program is offering one of the below accredited degree types:

University or college level certificate
Associates Degree
Undergraduate Degree
Master's Degree

How will I know if my university is approved?

When you submit your application, each submission is carefully reviewed by one of our Unreal Education team members. Once we have determined that your institution is eligible, we will notify you upon approval.

What do I do if my university is not approved?

Unfortunately, with the amount of applications we receive for the Academic Partner program, we cannot provide individual feedback for each submission. We encourage you to continue using our educational resources, which are listed below. We put our best efforts into developing quality content for the educational community, and you are welcome to use these resources even if you are not an Unreal Engine Academic Partner.

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